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Jenny Hoff

Liz Stone is determined to make it as a television reporter on network news, but she has to prove herself at a small-town station first. Leaving her hometown of Chicago to work at a struggling news station in Lawrenceville, TX, Liz's single goal is to get to the big leagues as quickly as possible.

But, she soon learns that small towns can deliver the biggest scoops. Determined to break her first big story: solving a murder mystery that has stumped local police, she finds herself fighting more than just reluctant sources. Her co-worker, Katherine, is out to send Liz back to where she came from and her main competitor, the handsome womanizer Tony Manuel, is working overtime to break the story first – using both his brains and charm to beat Liz to the finish line.  

As Liz tries to wrangle inside information from the rugged and easily irriated Detective Scott Mead, she finds herself crossing the line between source and romance. When Mead himself becomes the center of an investigation, Liz has to decide who she trusts, who she loves, and who wants her gone – at any cost.

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